BCCHF Staff Free Parking Info

For BCCHF and or CFRI/Research staff who donate to my page, they can opt-in to a raffle draw to use my parking spot in Lot 9100 under the CSB building. I have approval from Todd Jacques and he will also grant parking access to your hospital ID badge if you need access to the parkade after 6pm.

There are multiple parking draws available to win! See below for the schedule. There are approximately 48 days worth of parking I will be raffling away.

Any donation made to my fundraiser grants you entry into the free parking raffle. The amount you donated is proportional to your chances of winning. Also, all qualifying staff who donate at least $10 will be guaranteed one day of free parking at CSB

Your cumulative donation total will determine your odds of winning additional parking days. You can win more than once with the same chances. So you can theoretically win all draws with one donation.

Methodology for determining winners:
The odds are calculated and mapped to number ranges proportional to the donation amount then a single random number is used to draw the winner who is in that range. The draw is repeated to determine if there is a second place or third place for backup if the winner is unable to use the parking.
i.e. If you donate $100, you have double the chances of someone donating only $50.

Visit my fundraising page to donate: http://www.extra-life.org/participant/aaronhui

Parking Draw Schedule: