Multiplayer Head-to-Head games list

Those who would like to challenge me to a game during my Extra Life event, here are a list of games which I have set up ready for a match. Please provide me your details for me to connect to you after challenging me. My SteamID is SurfWarrior.

Challenges involving FPS games will be limited to a 5-minute round of head-to-head deathmatch.

Challenges involving racing games will consist of one race with a typical duration of about 5 minutes.

Please feel free to see my full list of Steam Games here: if you like to make any suggestions. To be honest, I have not played any of these games in multiplayer mode besides Unreal Tournament and that was at least a decade ago.

Please let me know a few by at least Oct 31 so I can ensure I have the game set up. You can also send me the game as a gift if you want me to play that against you.

Also, see some of my other games here:

Rules and Conditions