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My Extra Life Story

On Thursday November 3rd, 2016, I will be participating in my 4th Extra Life gaming marathon event to raise money for BC Children's Hospital Foundation. In the past three years, I have raised $9,415.73 thanks to generous donors like you. Each year, I plan something new and exciting and broadcast my marathon live over the internet for all to watch.

Aaron's Extra Life History

Year 1 (2013) - Donate to Vote: $1,216.22

My first year, I encouraged people to donate by allowing them to decide what games I would play.  The most popular choice was Dance Central and Rock Band. This was a rather embarrasing Twitch live stream, which is also on my YouTube channel for all to see.

Year 2 (2014) - Star Wars: $3,752.51

Most of your know that Star Wars is my passion, and I can't think of a better idea than a Star Wars themed Extra Life. Donors were invited to participate by coming over and play along side me and enjoy a Star Wars moving watching marathon. Over 30 people came by including a few members from the 501st Legion to support the event.

Year 3 (2015) - Back to the Future - 50 Hour Super Marathon : $4,447.00

October 21, 2015 was Back to the Future day, so it only made sense to do a Back to the Future theme. I didn't see how I could top my Star Wars themed Extra Life but donors came through and broke my fundraising record.

Extra Life 2016 theme

I'm a big fan of Star Trek, and this year marks the 50th anniversary of the original series. I will focus on playing Star Trek video games. I've been working on making my own game, which I may play during the Extra Life event.


Surprisingly, I haven't upgrade my computer system since 2010, so I was overdue for an upgrade. I haven't felt that I had the need to upgrade, but I was trying to play the new DOOM game and it was unplayable. I got all new hardware, but determined that my video card was defective so I sent that back to the manufacture for warranty repair. Hopefully, I will get it back before the Extra Life event begins, otherwise, I'll be using my old video card.

Live Stream

In the past three years, I've used Twitch.TV to stream my live feed. This year, I'm going to use YouTube Live Streaming which will allow me to stream in full 1080p. I'm hoping to add some interactive elements so viewers can participate in my live stream. The event is planned to begin on Thursday November 3rd, 2016 11:00am and finish on Friday November 4th, 2016 at 11am.


You can make a donation on this website. 100% of the proceeds will come to BC Children's Hospital Foundation. Please note that donations made on this page are charged in USD. For Canadian donors, you'll receive a 2016 income tax receipt in February 2017 for your donation. You may also donate to me in person by Cash, Cheque or Credit Card. Thank you for your support.

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