Monday, December 8, 2003

CS414 Project Game Posted by Aaron Hui 7:47 PM PST
Here is the game I made for my CS414 Final Project. It is called the Monolith Burger Simulator.
Inspiration of this game came from a minigame in Space Quest IV.

Click here to download


Pressing Space will toggle between Mouse look (i.e. FPS style), and standard mode.

In standard mode, you can move the mouse cursor to click around the screen. Holding the right mouse button while moving the mouse up and down will move you forward and back. Holding the right mouse button while moving the mouse left and right will roll the view. Holding the middle mouse button will control the direction of view when moving the mouse. In Mouse look mode, you will have a crosshair in the middle of the screen which indicates what you will be clicking
Pressing WADX will move around. Z,C for up/down. Q,E for roll left and right.

In either mode, you left click your targets.

When you need to do is apply the ingredients onto the burger and fulfill the orders to get points and advance levels.
Left click on the condiment tray to select the ingredient, and then click on the moving burger to apply it.
You can apply the ingredients in any order and you can complete the burgers in any order for multi-burger orders.

Orders will have random requests for toppings. If you correctly fulfill the order, you will get points, and a new order will appear.
If you screw up, you will have another chance to make the burger, however the conveyer belt will move faster.
You will lose if you screw up 3 times on one order.

As you move up levels, the world will start to spin, faster as you advance to higher levels.
On the first couple of levels, you will have a fixed HUD showing the order on the window viewport.
But at level 3 and higher, the only viewport showing the order is in the 3D world, thus you need to move to position yourself to see the order.

There are lots of bugs in this game but it is fully playable. It isn't really balanced well so it's kind of difficult. But I got to level 12. See how you guys do.

Known bugs:
Fast computers will have some timing issues, thus unplayable. Works fine on a GeForce 3, P4 1.7GHz or slower. The game is synced to a real time clock so it should move as fast on any computer.
Here are screenshots from the original and my version.