Project 2 - Online Chat Program

Organization:  Digital Pixies Technologies (
Contact:         Robert Huie

Project description:

An online chat program that can integrate with both web
browsers and .net applications.  The online chat program should have
the ability to log chats, browse old chat logs, and interact with a
database of "trouble tickets" or FAQs.  There will need to be a client
database associated with the program.  Administrators will have their
own chat interface/application to connect to the server to answer chats. 
In essence, it is a call center but using web chat instead of a phone. 
It is important that the program provides the ability for multiple
chat requesters to be entered in a queue, as well as the ability to
page one or all chat moderators to start the chat session.

The end product should be an internet-connected chat program
invoked either via a website, or from within a windows application
(through the help pulldown menu for example).  The centralized server
with which the chat clients connect to can be done with any technology.